Star jasmine (Trachelospermum jasminoides), is a beautiful plant from Asia growing successfully in both my home and nursery gardens. With its delicate, white, sweetly scented flowers, this plant is definitely one of my favourite climbing plants. I love the fact it will be tolerant of the upcoming Winter cold which can be a challenging and stressful season for many plants. This is one of the many reasons I appreciate this lovely, hardy climber.

flowers-jasmine-trachelospermumWhen my children were younger I enjoyed building them a living cave in the back garden. I placed star pickets a couple of metres apart in two rows and then looped over and attached plastic irrigation pipe to make the shape. Next I added chicken wire for support and then planted Star jasmine vines to complete the project. In time the plants not only grew they thrived. Throughout the drought and the frosty winters that followed they twined their way upwards and covered the structure beautifully. The living cave which we called “The Goblin’s Grove” made a fantastic addition to the charm of the back enclosed garden; and yes our children certainly enjoyed playing there.

It’s wonderful that Star jasmine can quickly cover fences, trellises, and walls with its lush green leaves and delicate flowers. Look closely and you’ll see that the flowers resemble tiny stars. These appear throughout the Spring and Summer months, filling the air with a sweet fragrance that attracts both bees and butterflies. I’ve recently witnessed eggfly butterflies laying eggs on their leaves too; so it’s also a great host plant.

When visiting Stanthorpe a few years ago a Gardener showed me her Star jasmine vines which she had trained along crossed over wires against a fence. These made a repeated diamond pattern and the effect was really beautiful; although it did require quite a bit of trimming from her to keep it all in shape. As well as being beautiful and fragrant, Star jasmine is tolerant of a wide range of soil conditions and has good resistance to pests and diseases. We both agreed that it would suit many types of gardens and be a good plant to enjoy growing as we had ourselves experienced.Star_Jasmine_on_fence

When planting; as with most plants, it’s always a good idea to begin with enriching the soil and then mulching to conserve the moisture, keep the roots insulated and to ensure life in the soil and therefore a healthy plant. Whether in the ground along a fence, in a container on a verandah, or trained up a pergola or structure to add vertical interest, this easy care vine requires only occasional pruning. A winning plant in my mind.

Once established Star jasmine is a really dry and cold tolerant climber; so a great choice for any South Burnett gardeners looking for low-maintenance plants. If you have room and would love to grow some; remember your thoughts and enjoy. Happy Gardening” everyone.

Kind regards, Romaine