During weekdays we are available to speak at your Garden Club and offer the following topics, (open to other suggestions). A fee of $50 is payable to assist with travelling costs.

Enquiries are welcome. Contact – Romaine Undery from RAMESA Nursery or 41625196 or leave a message through our fb page.

Supports for Climbers

So many beautiful and fragrant plants have climbing habits which can be displayed in our gardens with great effect. We will look at structures which suit various gardening styles and demonstrate how to make a decorative plant support using natural materials.

Dangerous Plants

Whether spiky, toxic or stinky, many plants have in place defence systems to protect themselves. The cinnamon tree for example has adapted a scent to repel leaf-cutter ants to stop it being eaten. As gardeners an awareness of dangerous plants helps us to enjoy our garden more and keep us protected too.

Unusual Herbs

We have a great selection of unusual culinary and medicinal herbs to show you. Our talk includes the History, country of origin and traditional uses for these plants. We hope that you will help us explore the wonderful world of herbs – and we’ll be pleased to share our recipes.

Home Irrigation

All plants need water and setting up a system that assists with providing a consistent and reliable supply can aide in the health and longevity of our precious plants. This talk discusses piping, hoses, timers and various fittings and sprinkler options.

Hedges and Edges

A touch of formality and structure can be achieved with many types of plants. We will speak about and bring our selection of hedging and edging plants suitable for a range of climates and soil types. Our plants come in the $3 tube-stock size or larger more established plants at $5 each.

Tough plants for Tough conditions

For successful gardening in challenging areas we need plants which will cope well with cold and dry conditions. We will bring a selection of beautiful, hardy plants with descriptions and share some ideas on getting the most from our gardens.

Leafy Greens & Recipes – For optimum health we all know we should be eating plenty of fruits and vegetables. We will speak about a range of leafy greens easily grown in the home garden and bring along some cuttings to share with you. Try our recipes or perhaps share some with us too.

Lots of Pots

Like us, pots are tall, short, thin, round and have a purpose. We will explore traditional and modern pots and innovative products available. I will bring my water-saving handmade Ollas (pronounced “oy-yahs”) These unglazed pots are buried in the ground with the top exposed above the soil surface and filled with water for irrigation of plants. I will have a limited number of these available for sale.

Improving with Coco-peat

This presentation discusses the many uses of Coco Peat in home gardens. Uses for this versatile product include high moisture retention and aeration. Other uses such as a propagation medium for seeds and cuttings, as a soil conditioner as well as flooring material for pet cages.


Do you remember the first plant you propagated? For me it was a hydrangea, the stem was used to prop up another plant, As a child it fascinated me how a plant could grow from a stick and it still does today. We will demonstrate some standard techniques used for propagating and some innovative ways used in the Horticultural industry. Our prepared propagation trays will be for sale at $10 each as well as opportunities to share ideas. Propagating and giving away cuttings is a wonderful way to share our gardens.