Welcome to our Gardening Blog. Working with nature is surely one of the most wonderful things that we can do. I hope you’ll find these pages useful perhaps sparking thoughts of people who have inspired you.
Sharing gardening experiences and our love of gardening reminds us that we never stop learning. It is through this sharing that our gardening challenges are made so much easier. Many people have an interest in edibles, natives or succulents, while others have more of an interest in flowers. For me, I enjoy them all; though I would have to say that French Lavender is my favourite flower. Perhaps you find enjoyment and satisfaction in a food forest style garden, picking herbs, fruits and vegetables and appreciating the multitude of beneficial insects and changing seasons.
One of my favourite insects, the lady beetle (Coccinellidae), plays an important role protecting my plants from aphids. A useful little beetle, it is amusing to watch while it wanders above and below the leaves searching for food. Another favourite is the graceful Butterfly, gently floating throughout the garden I find them fascinating to watch and photograph.
While nurturing the soil and our plants, I hope that we are able to encourage and nurture each other. “Happy Gardening” everyone, we do hope you enjoy our blogs.

Romaine and Peter