Many new and experienced gardeners will have the opportunity to begin a garden from scratch while getting some well earned dirt under their nails. Feelings ranging from being overwhelmed to feeling excited come from starting a new garden. Whether you use the “Planning method” or the “Make it up as you go along method” the end result is likely to be a garden you can be proud of. Your garden has the potential to continue throughout the years giving you joy, changing with interesting new plantings and providing variation within the seasons. My lovely neighbour Melissa has created a beautiful garden full of meaningful plants and items. She has explained to me how gifts of plants and cuttings from people she knows make the story of her garden even better.

Having had some nice conversations recently with some avid gardeners I’ve realised there are many comments that are quite similar, especially about planting what grows well in your area for success. My Mum recently said to me “You really need to look around you to see what is growing and also gratefully receive offers of gifted plants from neighbours and friends. Later on you can be pleased to return the favour”.

One conversation with a Green thumbed Gardener from Chinchilla began with a compliment to her wonderful harvest of Mangos from her tree. I then asked her what would be her advice for someone just starting a garden? “I would start with planting about 5 trees. I’m a great believer in using tube stock. In six months time you wouldn’t know the difference between the tube stock sized plants and the larger ones in their growth” Being aware of limited water in many situations she continued to say that even if you haven’t got water to spare bath water can be used to water your trees. Her other sound advice regarding her own gardening practice; ensuring the health of her plants, is “I don’t let the grass go around anything, I keep the grass back and mulch around each plant.”

There is so much support and good advice from keen gardeners in our area that starting a garden from scratch can be really rewarding and satisfying. It’s a great idea to talk to garden club members, community gardeners, permaculture groups, landcare, nursery staff, market and garden festival stall holders, friends and relatives who are all keen to share their thoughts on all things gardening. An experienced garden presenter has suggested to me that “you have to kill a lot of plants to know a lot” so I suppose learning along the way is all part of the process. ( just as long as you can avoid a garden full of plant labels) It’s nice to know that as your own garden develops you can return favours and knowledge from your own garden.

I trust that you have enjoyed the thoughts of these wonderful green thumbs and hope that you enjoy your own gardening ventures. The advice of planting trees is certainly a great thing to do for both now and for appreciation into the future and I can still hear my Mum saying “to give away plants put a big sign out the front saying “Take Me”. On that wonderful note of sharing “Happy Gardening” everyone. Kind regards, Romaine

  • Image 1 – A green thumbed gardener from Chinchilla with her bountiful Mango harvest (image supplied)
  • Image 2 – Section of garden with tree plantings and perennials at Dusty Hill winery near Murgon
  • Image 3 – Pink flowered and sweetly scented Sansevieria parva (mother in laws tongue) gifted to us from a friend
  • Image 4 – Plumbago (auriculata)with its stunning blue flowers grows beautifully and vigorously in our Ramesa Garden.
  • Image 5 – Pink Rain Crocus (Zephyranthes carinatacrocus) making its pretty petals known after rain at Ramesa.