Container grown plants in pots, tubs and hanging baskets overflowing with flowers can certainly add appeal to our gardens. In addition to growing flowers a wide variety of vegetables and herbs can be grown in pots and conveniently placed by the kitchen door for harvesting. Seaweed extract or weed tea made from unwanted weeds diluted in water can be used for pot and foliar feeding every couple of weeks with soluble fertilisers providing the essential trace elements.

Getting to know the needs of our plants and noting which prefer sun or part-shade does increase our chances of success. Also, lavender, rosemary, jasmine and scented geraniums (Pelargonium species) can be placed where their scent can be fully appreciated. I find enjoyment in making my own pots from cement and sifted red soil from our back paddock. I find my pots improve with age just as we do. Usually they are planted with succulents although occasionally I fill them with herbs.

Potted plants can add ambiance to an area where we prefer to relax. Our verandah has quite an eclectic mix of potted plants. A rose bush to be gifted to my Mother, a large pot overflowing with a seventeen year old Syngonium, a Jade plant (Portularcaria afra) said to bring wealth into the house; (I think one is needed at our back door to prevent it from going out.) Seeds for our front garden plantings are germinated and situated in this sheltered area too.

In the back garden some hardy, red pig-face is planted in a washing machine barrel. Nearby an old concrete water trough features a Ginkgo Biloba tree, Society Garlic and some self seeding Italian Parsley which help to feed our guinea pigs. Light weight plastic pots are an option and can be covered with hessian for a more rustic look. Perhaps try a dwarf citrus for a focal point plant overflowing with delicious thyme and a filling of alyssum to attract the bees as an attractive planting combination. Possibilities for creativity include making Kokedama (a Japanese form of Bonsai) or plant onto a carry basket; lined before filling. Hanging basket plantings of easy care pig-face can offer a pleasant splash of colour in a sunny position. Mulching the surface, adding water holding crystals or adding coco-pith all help with moisture retention saving you water, time and effort. “Happy Gardening” Kind regards, Romaine Undery

  • This Handmade pot made from sifted red soils by Romaine are filled with hardy succulents
  • Kokedama made with Spider plants, Syngonium Neon and Succulents make ideal gifts.
  • Zebra Haworthia succulent featured in Romaine’s Handmade pot sits on her windowsill
  • Costa Georgiadis host from the ABC Gardening Australia show purchasing one of Romaine’s Handmade Pots at the Brisbane Garden Expo in March this year.
  • Beautiful orchids in pots at the Hunter region Botanical Gardens (Photo by Romaine)
  • A beautiful Bonsai Pot with ornamental fig in a Byron Bay garden
  • This willow cane basket container made a colourful display of viola.

All photos – Romaine Undery